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Canadian Shield Harness
  • Canadian Shield Harness

    Are you proud to be Canadian?  The Canadian Shield Harness features an identical design to the Tough Skin Harness.  This harness is intended for activities where the point of attachment is higher or even with the dog's back, including skijoring, canicross, bikejoring, scootering and sledding.


    • S 18.5-19 inches (40-49 lbs)
    • M 19.5-20 inches (50-59 lbs)
    • L 20.5-21 inches (60-69 lbs)
    • XL 21.5-22 inches (70-79 lbs)
    • XXL 22.5-23 inches (80-89 lbs)


    *Limited Stock.  Please message for availability.

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